The City in a Rush–Hong Kong Trip

Although a beautifully and carefully crafted city, Hong Kong is a combination of a forest of interwoven skyscrapers and old buildings, the hot, humid, and almost suffocating air, and the never-ending massive crowds. Coming from the serene Kerama Islands, I was a bit overwhelmed by this city that seemed to be aggressively coming towards me from every angle.
Hong Kong is known as a shopping paradise. As an SF girl who’s used to big cities, I was more attracted to the narrow alleyways and local markets instead of the glamorous avenues.
IMG_5611 IMG_5719
The Peak offers a panoramic view of Hong Kong, which, seen from the top, appeared to be two narrow strips of tall buildings sandwiched by the surrounding mountains and the Victoria Harbor. It seems like every inch of land has been utilized to its extreme value. It’s hard to imagine that Hong Kong used to be a small fishing town!
IMG_5647 IMG_5642

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A Taste of Japan–Okinawa Trip

Okinawa to Japan is like Hawaii to the US. Although a part of their respective country, they are more of their own thing–both tropical islands that attract people from all around the world. The two things I was most excited about going to Okinawa were to go to the beach and to finally try some authentic Japanese food. The trip indeed lived up to my expectations.

After exploring my options of getting to Emerald Beach from Naha, I decided to rent a car. The thing is, I had never driven on the left and it was a 5-hour drive round trip. Luckily, aside from subconsciously constantly sliding to the left, I got used to the new gig pretty fast and made it there and back in one piece!
The Emrald Beach was described perfectly by its name. The water, from near to far, was almost clear, then turquoise, finally cyan. Since it was a Thursday, the beach was pretty empty. Nothing more soothing than sitting on the sand, breathing fresh air with a slight hint of seaweed, and having an entire beach to your own.
IMG_5602 IMG_5603IMG_5600
The food there, especially sushi, was a lot simpler than the American version. I recently developed a love for sashimi, so tummy was happy. Japanese food is on the bland side though. After 3 days I was ready to go home for some American food 😉
IMG_5417Yummy ramen
IMG_5597 Sashimi plateIMG_5598
My lovely Japanese breakfast


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For Food and Nature–Taiwan Trip

Taiwan was the first stop of my post-grad Asia trip. My strongest impression of Taiwan was actually the people. Everyone was friendly, pleasant, and willing to go out of their way to help you.

The food at the famous Taiwanese night markets was super interesting to say the least. I couldn’t name most of the food items. Even though I didn’t have the nerves to try everything, I loved the lights, the buzz in the crowd, and the simple joy brought by food floating between the stalls. There’s something about seeing your beef skewer sizzling on the grill while nibbling on a Taiwanese crepe that makes everything taste exponentially more 3market 1market 2market 4Me in my natural habitat–happy with food.

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