Awesome MySQL Tutorial Series!


I have gone through Caleb’s MySQL tutorial series back in June. It’s a wonderful series. He’s very good at explaining the concepts and making them easily understandable. Caleb is also super funny; never a dull moment in his videos! Of course I’m not yet an SQL master, but I really learned a lot from these tutorials. They definitely set a solid foundation for me to continue my learning.

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent and I want to have a good understanding of the knowledge behind it. Back in college, I’ve taken courses in Matlab which I enjoyed.I wish I did a minor in Computer Science, I think I would’ve liked it. But my double major didn’t allow me the space. On the bright side, there are tons of great resources online nowadays! I did some research and stumbled upon Caleb’s channel on YouTube. And I’m very happy that I did.

I encourage everyone who’s interested in learning SQL to check out Caleb’s videos! He also has tons of tutorials on other programming-related topics. I’m planning on checking out his Python series as well. It really is free education! Thanks Caleb (: