Half a Million Secrets

The gist: Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret,com, shares some of the secrets that strangers around the world sent on postcards.

“Secrets can remind us of the countless human dramas, of frailty and heroism, playing out silently in the lives of people all around us even now.”

This is such a lovely and heartwarming talk. Frank didn’t think he would receive that many responses when he first started handing out postcards on street corners. But now he has a mountain (quite literally) of postcards with people’s secrets on them. I was amazed by the ones he presented in the talk. Some are silly, some are courageous, some are shocking, and some are simply hilarious.

When Frank posted a secret that about someone saving the voice mails from their loved ones in case they never hear their voices again, he received voice mails from around the world that people have saved. I love the last voicemail that a young girl ever heard from her grandmother. I started tearing up as she sang her happy birthday. I remembered my own grandmother who raised and loved me. She passed away when I was 14. I’ve started having trouble recalling her voice. How I wish I had a message from her that I can listen to!

I went on PostSecret.com and read some posts. Somehow reading these secrets makes me feel more connected to…everybody. We all have secrets, don’t we? We don’t believe we are as much alike as we are. Like Frank said, the secrets remind us of the human dramas silently playing around us now. It’s a wonderful world 🙂