I Moved to San Francisco!


After two months of vacation after graduation, I will finally start working full-time this upcoming Monday! I moved to San Francisco three days ago and have since then been running around like crazy. Moving is as exhausting as it is, now imagine being the first one of the three roommates to move in to an empty apartment. Then imagine doing this in downtown San Francisco where driving and finding parking are nearly impossible. It’s been a few days filled with endless to-do lists and trips after trips of dragging my life, now in the forms of suitcases and boxes, into my new place. Luckily my experience of moving five times in my four years of college has to an extent prepared me for this insanity.

But on the bright side, I will be living in the city! I still can’t believe this is happening–working full-time, supporting myself, and saying goodbye to my student years. I was in Berkeley seeing some friends today. On the BART ride back, it suddenly hit me that I was going back home. To San Francisco. It’s absolutely surreal. Looking back, the four years at Berkeley have transformed me. Now I’m moving onto a completely new chapter of my life! I can’t wait to explore the new city and see what the future has in store for me 🙂

Lastly, happy July 4th!

Photo here.