The Book Thief

the-book-thiefThe Book Thief is one of my favorite books. It tells a story that takes place in Nazi Germany, a period that’s really not that far from us yet seems that way. The book starts with Liesel’s seemingly peaceful new life, and gradually builds up as the plot twists and turns, and finally ends in a poignant and saddening climax.

Liesel is a brave girl despite her timidity at times. She steals book from the most dangerous place and runs into a Jews parade to look for Max. Liesel is an epitome of so many other lives ruined by the unfortunate time. Despite all the pain in her young life, she never gave up her love for learning. One thing I’m disappointed about her is the way she treated Rudy. I wish she could’ve kissed him at least once before he died, or show some affection instead of being the stubborn girl.

Rudy, “the boy whose hair remained the color of lemons forever,” is the most innocent victim in the novel and also my favorite character. He’s a boy that would paint his face black because he wants to be like Jessie Owens, and stand in freezing water for minutes just to get a kiss from the girl he loves. Rudy’s relationship with Liesel is such typical young love—they fight, argue, yet deeply care about each other. All Rudy wanted is a kiss, but he never pushed too hard. Maybe he thought he would have more time than he actually did. I believe Liesel did love him. But in a time like this, there’s so much fear in the air and so little place for love. Continue reading