Finished My Last Preliminary Actuarial Exam!

After 4 years, I finally finished all five preliminary actuarial exams and on my path to obtaining my Associate of Society of Actuaries (ASA)! I’m still waiting to find out the result of the last exam, but boy am I glad that I’m finally done! It hasn’t been easy, as each exam was highly mathematical and each took hundreds of hours to study for. Having started taken them in college, I have juggled between studying for finals, later having a full-time job, and reading thousands of pages or exam manuals.

It’s all been worth it now that I’m finished! Good thing I enjoy math and dealing with numbers, definitely wouldn’t have made it this far otherwise.

In celebration of math and numbers, here are a couple fantastic Ted Talks on math:

Math is Forever is my favorite talk on this topic. It’s humorous and fascinating. Mathematician Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón attempts to answer the question “What is math for?” He depicts the beauty of math by pointing out that the truth in math is forever.

A Love Poem for Lonely Prime Numbers is an entertaining and lovely poem by mathematician and poet Harry Baker.